How to Trade in Roblox

Trading is a perfect way to get Roblox exclusive items, and you can get rid of things you don’t like, too. To purchase those items, you can also add Robux. You must allow trading on the Accounts Settings page via the Privacy tab before you can trade. Getting a membership is a prerequisite as well, because without it, you would not be able to exchange.

trading in roblox steps

How to Trade in Roblox – Step by Step

It’s very easy to trade in Roblox, but always be careful of who you’re trading with, as you don’t want to risk losing your items! Here are the steps:

  • Go to the player’s profile page that you want to trade with.
  • Find the box and click on the button that looks like three dots with their username and account information.
  • When the menu appears, choose Trade Items.
  • A new page will open, showing you the things you have to exchange with the other player.
how to trade in roblox
  • Choose the things that you want to trade, and in your Offer list, they will appear.
  • Choose the things that you want to trade with the other player, and they will appear in the list of your requests.
  • You can add to the offer any Robux, but a transaction fee of 30 percent will be applied.
  • Check the trade to make sure you like it because it is not possible to reverse transactions.
  • To apply the trade, click on the Make Offer button and confirm it on the pop-up.

How to Accept, Decline or Counter a Roblox Trade?

  • Navigate to the trade that you would like to check.
  • Select Accept or Decline as it is displayed for the trade.
  • You can press Counter to edit a trade if you don’t like the deal and want to change it. Once you are satisfied with the counter offer, to send a new trade, press Make Offer.

How to View your Current or Past Trades?

  • Click on the Trade option on the left-hand menu of any page to go to the Trade page.
  • In the Trade Form pull-down menu, pick the list of pending (Inbound/Outbound), Completed, and Inactive trade offers you want to see.

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