How to Swear in Roblox [3 Working Methods in 2021]

A few years back, when Roblox was just launched, you shouldn’t have to search for how to swear in Roblox

how to swear in roblox

Why? Well, much smaller and less responsive was the Roblox culture back then. The chat filter was unregulated and poor, enabling players to circumvent it by applying asterisks to terms that were apparently forbidden.

This came to an end, however, when complaints began coming up from the parents of harassed users. In order to keep their kids safe from internet bullying, these parents began talks with the Roblox team to make improvements to the chat filter.

The reason you can’t swear in Roblox, as mentioned above, is due to the fear and frustration of some parents who thought a game was responsible for keeping their kids safe, and not themselves.

I’m not claiming you were able to swear until the patents intruded, though, but you could probably do it and nobody would notice.

Also, I don’t understand why people still assume that roblox is a children’s game – just saying. 

What is the concept of a children’s game for these individuals? Roblox has games with weapons, knives, blood, gore and death, all of which are completely permitted.

Roblox is a game meant for everyone.

Now, with all this out of the way, let’s jump to the point.

How to Swear in Roblox?

Method 1

Here are some swear words that you can make out of special characters.

A /-\

B l3

D cl

E 3

H /-/

I l (lowercase L)

K l<

L |_

M /\/\

N /\/ l\l

O 0

S $ Z

U |_|

V \/

W \/\/

X ><

Example: $ U C l< . /\/\ Y . cl l C l<

Method 2

To bypass the filter, many people use Unicode as substitute terms, but doing so might ban your account. So, try at your own risk.

Instead of F, you can use the above character.

Instead of L, you can use the above character.

I haven’t done this personally, but bear in mind that swearing using Unicode can be filtered and can lead to your account being blocked. Use this at your own risk.

Method 3

By using numbers to substitute letters, inserting extra letters, and replacing some of the letters with symbols like underscores and hyphens, you can swear in Roblox. Here are a few examples:



S /-/ I T


But Should you Swear in Roblox?

Roblox is an immersive educational platform where the possibilities for imagination and creativity are infinite. They provide free opportunities to teach real coding, game design, digital civility, and entrepreneurship skills to learners of all ages.

Roblox is a game designed for younger audiences. Will you cuss around a kid comfortably? Possibly not, and swearing is censored to make the game child-friendly.

In all fairness, in an educational platform, we do not think you should concentrate on cursing/swearing. Don’t waste time and energy in swearing or finding ways to do it. Use the platform as it should be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you swear in Roblox 2020?

Using the above methods, you an swear in Roblox.

What happens when you swear on Roblox?

Your Roblox account might get banned. Also, it’s not a good practice to swear on a platform where there are kids.

How do you swear without swearing?

You can use special characters and Unicode as shown in the above methods.

What symbols do you use for swear words?

Special characters and Unicode.

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