Roblox Error Code 279 – Easy Fix

What is Roblox error code 279? This error is usually encountered when there is a problem with your internet connection. This error can be caused to a number of things, like your Windows Firewall, a problem with the game you’re playing, etc. We’ll go over the causes of the error message in depth below, followed … Read more

How to Fix Roblox Errors

You may encounter different types of Roblox errors. Error messages indicating that the Roblox software cannot be found, an incorrect request to download the installer prompt, or a failed online game link can occur from time to time. These issues are likely to occur if you do not close Roblox Studio or your web browser … Read more

How to Turn Off Safe Chat on Roblox

Roblox is a kid-friendly website featuring social hangouts and block-building games. By default, to protect children and adults, all users have chat features turned off. To gain access to chat, you may turn off these privacy settings. To make chat safe for kids, Roblox filters out objectionable words and phrases. Users 13 and older can … Read more

How to Trade in Roblox

Trading is a perfect way to get Roblox exclusive items, and you can get rid of things you don’t like, too. To purchase those items, you can also add Robux. You must allow trading on the Accounts Settings page via the Privacy tab before you can trade. Getting a membership is a prerequisite as well, … Read more

How to Swear in Roblox [3 Working Methods in 2021]

A few years back, when Roblox was just launched, you shouldn’t have to search for how to swear in Roblox.  Why? Well, much smaller and less responsive was the Roblox culture back then. The chat filter was unregulated and poor, enabling players to circumvent it by applying asterisks to terms that were apparently forbidden. This … Read more

How to Glitch Through Walls in Roblox?

How to glitch through walls in Roblox? Well, there have been numerous flaws since 2015 which have allowed Roblox players to glitch through any wall in Roblox. Although developers have been quick to correct many of these faults, on every map, there are still few ways in which users can navigate to undisclosed locations. In … Read more

How Much is $1 in Robux [Explained]

So, how much is $1 in Robux? Well, the short answer is $1 roughly translates to 80 Robux. This, however, depends on various offers and subscriptions that are available on the official Roblox website. For the lowest offer, you get 400 Robux for $4.99. Let’s take a deeper look at this. What is Robux Robux … Read more

How to Delete a Roblox Account (3 Working Methods)

Roblox is a community where through gameplay, millions of people are connected. Roblox offers a global platform for people to present ideas, build and share their gaming world experiences with each other. Here the members have their own 3D world created. But how to delete a Roblox account when you are no longer active on … Read more

How to give People Robux

This simplest way to give people Robux is to have them list a ‘donation’ T-shirt for sale on Roblox. This T-shirt will be listed for a price in terms of Robux. You will then buy this T-shirt by paying in Robux, which will then be transferred to your friend’s account. What is Roblox? Roblox, which … Read more